Notes to myself

February 15, 2017

I have never been the kind of person who actively posts on social media. In fact, if you were to look through my Facebook/Twitter timelines right now, you would find a bursting collection of “not much”.

This is just who I am. I have always preferred to consume writing rather than generate it. I spend a healthy amount of time reading books, and an unhealthy amount of time sifting through Hacker News and Reddit. So, starting a “blog” is certainly unusual for me.

Then why?

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking about something specific and wanting to record it somewhere. Not for other people to read, but rather to help get my thoughts in order and maintain an archive, in case I need to come back to that train of thought in the future. At first I looked into note-taking tools like Evernote, but ended up leaning towards keeping my own set of markdown files. That became a Jekyll blog hosted with Github pages, which in turn led me here. I see this as an opportunity for me to organize my thoughts, and openly take stock of lessons I’ve learned. If people read what I post — great. If they don’t — at least I will.

I don’t have a particular plan for what I’ll be writing, but it will likely involve

  • Programming environments — Mostly Vim, but also general workflows inside a terminal

  • Tooling around programming for the cloud — Specifically CI/CD, Docker and Google Cloud Platform

There will be code snippets. There will be diagrams. There will be opinions.

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Written by Andrew van Rooyen - a software engineer in Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦 You should follow them on Twitter.